Soundproofing Plus: Audimute Celebrates Earth Day - The Eco-Friendly Way!

Audimute Celebrates Earth Day - The Eco-Friendly Way!

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, a movement established out of the need for change - change in our production standards, change in our consumption of natural resources, and most of all change in our attitude towards the environment.

Being located in Cleveland, Ohio, we at Audimute are much closer to Earth Day than most - quite literally! Many of you might not realize this, but in 1969 the Cuyahoga River right here in Cleveland caught on fire due to extreme pollution. This was one of two major events that sparked a flame among environmental activists to push for change, and to finally hold both companies and individuals responsible for protecting the earth's environment.

Forty years later, Earth Day has become bigger than ever; and it's exciting to finally see change spread across the country. Though some are slower than others to adopt a green mentality, it's definitely safe to say that eco-friendly leaders are making environmentally-friendly practices the new norm. And we at Audimute are excited to be among these leaders.

Through the development of products such as Peacemaker Sound Insulation (made from recycled tires) and eco-C-tex (the GREENEST acoustic material in today's marketplace -
made of recycled paper & cotton; used in Acoustic Panels & Absorption Sheets), Audimute has continued to make strides in creating solutions that help not only acoustic environments, but the greater environment as well.

So celebrate today (and every day) by taking part in the
movement to make this world a better place. Future generations will thank us!

To see all of the environmentally-friendly solutions that Audimute has to offer, check out our web site at

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