Soundproofing Plus: Best Sound Dampening Material for Home Studios

Best Sound Dampening Material for Home Studios

best sound dampening material A repeat Audimute customer, Craig, came to us with a problem - it was autumn and he was hearing leaf blowers. Which wouldn't have been much more than an annoyance except he plays the guitar, keyboard and mandolin and also sings and records music in his own home. Craig needed the best sound dampening material to deaden some of this noise in his recording room. Enter Audimute Absorption Sheets.

Craig had purchased Audimute Absorption Sheets in the past and liked them so much that he decided to purchase a few more to put over his window to help cure his newly discovered noise problem. When asked to describe his Audimute experience, Craig had nothing but good things to say.

"Audimute Sheets may not drown out the noise completely, but it is definitely the best sound dampening material for at least improving matters. What
a great, affordable solution! By the way, they aren't really that ugly and actually match the color of my room. Even my Mom says so..whew!"

Before purchasing his most recent set of 4 Audimute Absorption Sheets, Craig had actually purchased a set of sheets to control the unwanted reflections in his home studio.

"I placed three sheets behind my near field monitors and against an adjoining wall. The best sound dampening material I've ever used - it was easy to setup and install with Mega Clips, via a dew mollys and screws...and I was happy not to have to fiddle with glue. The simple hand clap test told
me right away that these four Absorption Sheets improved the tightness of my recording/listening environment "four fold"...(well, there were four sheets!).

After recently spending just $100 on Audimute Absorption Sheets, Craig was excited to recommend Audimute to others.

"My room now has an absorptive wall (with the Audimute Sheets) opposite a sort of diffusing wall (lots of CDs, magazines and other items which just happened to be there yet help break up standing waves). Not a pro room by any stretch, and yet not half bad either, thanks to the Audimute Absorption Sheets."

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