Soundproofing Plus: Budget Soundproofing Tips - How to Soundproof a Room Cheap

Budget Soundproofing Tips - How to Soundproof a Room Cheap

Search no more! Finally, a list of the top three ways to soundproof a room cheap. Although sound is complicated, budget soundproofing doesn't have to be. Read on for tips on how to soundproof a room cheap and effectively.

Tip 1: Seal your seams!

This is often one of the most overlooked aspects in budget soundproofing projects, yet one of the most important things to tackle. Imagine filling a bottle with water. No matter how durable the walls of the container, you won't get very far if there's a hole in the bottom. The same thing is true in soundproofing. Adding budget soundproofing material like Peacemaker sound insulation will give you the mass you need on your walls, floors and ceilings, but these materials will only reach their maximum level of effectiveness once you seal your seams (including cracks around the frame of your doors and windows, electrical outlets, etc.). If you don't seal your seams and create the most airtight space possible, sound will continue traveling in and out of your space through your seams.

Our best recommendation is to look for a budget soundproofing tape like
Audimute Acoustic Seals to use for sealing your seams. This tape was made to block sound from leaking into and out of your space through the weakest parts of your room (which are usually your doors and windows). Budget soundproofing tape is great for those looking to soundproof a room cheap because it's sold in rolls that cover up to 3 doors for as low as $19.99.

Tip 2: Understand the difference between sound blocking and sound absorption

According to the dictionary, 'soundproof' literally means to insulate with the purpose of obstructing sound. In the soundproofing world, this general term is actually split into two separate technologies - sound blocking and sound absorption. Although many people assume they need to block sound in order to achieve success, an undiscovered truth is that sound absorption products often are the best way to soundproof a room cheap.
The video below describes the difference between the two and is helpful in determining which budget soundproofing products to choose for your application.

Tip 3: Take a 'phased-in' approach

Beware of the many companies who are trying to sell their products simply to sell products. Many times, these companies will sell you on a whole slew of products you may not even need, simply in an effort to make money. At Audimute, we ourselves are musicians and know the value of effective budget soundproofing; as a result, we
have taken the 'business' road less traveled by actually caring about your time and money. In recommending solutions, we always take a 'phased-in' approach and suggest you take the same philosophy when purchasing products. When trying to soundproof a room cheap, taking a 'phased-in' approach will help you stay on track and avoid purchasing excess products that you may not even need.

The video below shares even more tips about how to soundproof a room cheap. If you would like further recommendations regarding which budget soundproofing products to use in your specific application, give us a call or chat with us at

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  1. This is really nice video for soundproofing.. I would like to implement in my place.. Thanks for providing this tips.

    We're glad you enjoyed the videos - we had a lot of fun making them! Please feel free to give us a call at 866-505-6883 to discuss your application..we'd be glad to help any way we can. - Jenni Ramminger

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