Soundproofing Plus: How to Build a Vocal Booth, Soundproof Sound Booth

How to Build a Vocal Booth, Soundproof Sound Booth

So you're looking to build a vocal booth - but why is creating a soundproof sound booth so important? Sound bounces around in every room. It’s reflected by hard surfaces and absorbed by soft materials. Any sound that isn’t absorbed will eventually make it back to your microphone and “color” the sound of the recording. A soundproof sound booth is lined with absorptive material to reduce echo and reflection, so the microphone picks up the true vocal image and nothing else. The vocal performance shines through, and you spend less time fixing the sound “in the mix.”

How to Build a Vocal Booth: Construction Crew Not Required

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can build a great soundproof sound booth from the ground up - but it will require permanent construction. If this is your goal, Peacemaker is an excellent solution for blocking sound in new and existing walls. However, a custom sound booth is a big, permanent step, and is more than most of our customers need. The good news is that learning how to build a vocal booth isn’t necessary. With Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets, you don’t have to be a carpenter to convert any household or studio space—from the smallest closet to a studio suite—into an effective sound booth. Simply install Absorption Sheets to eliminate the echoes and reverb!

One Audimute client discovered how to build a vocal booth—for professional use—inside a closet. Click the banner below to view Marcie's story, and remember that Audimute experts are always available to help you build a great sound booth for less.

how to build a vocal booth, soundproof sound booth

For the assistance only a live expertcan provide, visit or call Audimute at 1-866-505-MUTE.

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