Soundproofing Plus: DIY Soundproofing Tips for Drum Room Soundproofing

DIY Soundproofing Tips for Drum Room Soundproofing

A Totally Soundproof Drum Room? Not Always Needed
A completely soundproof drum room lets out no sound—period. Creating a totally soundproofed drum room can be a big, expensive job. It can be done, and if you’re set on this type of drum room soundproofing, Audimute has the DIY soundproofing products and expertise to get you there. But hold on…

Let’s consider what most drummers really need. In most cases, a completely soundproof drum room is not necessary. Simply reducing the amount of sound that escapes from the practice space will keep the neighbors happy and the police away.

Here’s a little easy science to help tell the story. The amount of sound coming from a drum set or a band is measured in decibels (dB). A drum
mer might generate 110–120dB when playing hard. If that drummer hits a little bit softer—just 10dB less—anyone listening will hear him or her playing half as loudly. Half.

It works the same way with drum room soundproofing. Because of the way our ears perceive sound, a “sound proof drum room” may not need to be soundproof at all. It only needs to reduce the volume by as little as 10dB to make the music half as loud outside the room.

This natural fact is your best friend in drum room soundproofing. Drums can sound a whole lot better inside and a whole lot quieter outside the practice space with just a couple of simple DIY soundproofing steps.

Step 1: Use Acoustic Absorption Sheets.

Cover the inside of the practice space with as much DIY soundproofing material as possible. Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets can completely and affordably transform a practice space.

Audimute's Starter Kit comes with 14 Long (3' x 8') Sheets, 42 Megaclips and ships free! The kit covers approximately 336 sq.ft. and only costs $345!

  • Sound Absorption Sheets absorb echoes, reverberation, and noise reflection inside the room.
  • The practice space will sound cleaner and clearer inside. You can play at a lower volume and still keep the intensity of your performance.
  • Sound Absorption Sheets reduce sound pressure levels in the room, thus reducing the amount of sound that can escape.
  • Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets are a movable and flexible solution. You can always add more DIY soundproofing sheets to a practice space, and more mass and more absorption means less sound on the loose.

Step 2: Find the leaks and seal them.
Sound goes where air goes, and in a perfect soundproof drum room, air
can’t get in or out. This is great for making the room quiet on the outside. It’s not so good for the musicians inside. Since complete air-tightness isn’t practical or advisable, take the time to find the major air leaks to the outside and seal them. You’ll want to do this whether you’re building a drum room or optimizing an existing one.
  • Use a flashlight or feel for airflow in the seams and cracks of doors, windows, and walls.
  • Apply a good acoustic seal to the door sweep and sealing areas. Audimute Acoustic Door Sweeps and Acoustic Door Seals close up these trouble areas, keeping sound in.
  • Seal seams and other obvious gaps with caulk or tape.
Next Steps in Drum Room Soundproofing
With DIY soundproofing products in place and air leaks minimized, the practice space will function more like a sound proof drum room. Care to take it to the next level?
  • Isolate walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Install sound blocking material, like Audimute Peacemaker.
  • Refine the interior acoustics for great recordings.
Audimute has the right products and advice to help you with drum room soundproofing. Call 866-505-MUTE (6883) to talk to a friendly, knowledgeable expert, or chat with us via live chat.

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  1. George says:

    QuietGlue is cheaper and more effective than Green Glue. Why would we want to spend on this if that’s the case?

    Well actually, I wouldn't recommend using any type of glue...Acoustic Sealing Tape is nice because it's applied in seconds and only requires a pair of far as price, it's also a little less expensive seeing as one roll of the tape covers 1-3 doors and is only $19.99 - free shipping. And the other nice thing about tape vs glue is the fact that you can take it off as easily as you put it on, so it doesn't change the look of your door permanently (which is important to those who rent their homes or decide to move).

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