Soundproofing Plus: Audimute Absorption Sheets: Instant-Fix Acoustic Room Treatments

Audimute Absorption Sheets: Instant-Fix Acoustic Room Treatments

It’s an instant world. From coffee and oatmeal to on-demand movies streamed to your phone, we pretty much expect things to happen right now. But getting good sound … ah, that’s still an expensive and time-consuming process, isn’t it?

We at Audimute have a little instant magic that can fix most sound problems, well, instantly. They’re called sound absorption sheets, and they are the simplest, quickest acoustic room treatment available. Sound absorption sheets stop echo and outside noise to provide the best sound in any environment. Unlike most acoustical room treatments, they require no permanent installation, hang in seconds, and make an immediate difference in sound quality.

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This versatility makes them the best choice for home recording enthusiasts. Turn any room into an instant studio and then change it back in seconds. Sound absorption sheets are available in off-white or charcoal colors, to fit any décor or just to create the right atmosphere.

If you work from home, sound absorption sheets provide a full acoustic room treatment in seconds—without any permanent modifications to your office. Hang them up for professional-sounding phone calls and video conferences, and take them down when the work is done.

If your band practices anywhere it can—including some places that might annoy your spouse or neighbors—sound absorption sheets let you instantly apply an acoustical room treatment. You’ll reduce echo, flutter, and the other nasty sound problems of most practice spaces—and when the band sounds better, everyone can turn down the volume and practice more effectively. It’s a win for good musicianship, flexible practicing, and, potentially, for harmony on the home front.

For more information on acoustical room treatments, check out our videos on sound absorption sheets and portable soundproofing. Because every application is different, Audimute is here to help you find the right solution. Give us a call at 866-505-MUTE and explore our exceptional sound-improvement solutions - we'll help you find the perfect one for your application!

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