Soundproofing Plus: Cleaner, Faster Recordings for Professional Studio Acoustics

Cleaner, Faster Recordings for Professional Studio Acoustics

We take a lot of pride in helping all artists, amateur and pro, sound their best. Even the pros can use some help now and then, so we offer some thoughts on a creative and quick way to get different sounds and cleaner recordings.

Sound absorption sheets can be used to create or modify studio acoustics quickly and easily. They open the door to sonic experimentation — in just a few minutes you can create an entirely new acoustic environment and hear instant results.

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For instrumental takes or to free a vocalist from the booth, use sound absorption sheets to optimize your studio acoustics. Try a single layer for a little absorption, or go with multiple layers to significantly reduce reflection and isolate the sonic image. Sound absorption sheets are versatile, portable, and light, so experimenting is quick and easy. They’ll stop as much reflection, reverberation, and ambient noise as you choose and still let you capture a real, uninhibited performance.

studio acoustics
If you do remote recordings or video shoots, you never know what you’ll find on location. Sound absorption sheets make it possible to create studio acoustics anywhere, anytime. Just hang or arrange the sheets as you need, relax, and let the talent shine.

Sound absorption sheets can also be used to create different visual environments. They’re available in off-white or charcoal, so you can choose the right color for your application. Charcoal-colored sheets are ideal for soundstages, location recordings, and anywhere else you need to have studio acoustics and yet be discreet.

studio acoustics

Audimute sheets not only cost less than other products, but they give you the freedom you need to realize your sonic vision, anywhere and anytime. Give Audimute a call at 866-505-MUTE and let’s talk, one pro to another, about how we can help you work better.

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