Soundproofing Plus: Audimute Church Acoustic Panels Let the Message Be Heard

Audimute Church Acoustic Panels Let the Message Be Heard

For any church, the message is the mission, and it must be delivered clearly. Sometimes, however, the church building itself can make it tough to reach each and every member of the congregation.

A house of worship is one of the most unique and diverse sonic environments imaginable. A wide variety of surfaces, room sizes, and layouts give sound waves plenty of space to echo, reflect, boom, and generally muddy up the message. Add to that the many ways that the message is delivered—the human voice, a pipe organ, a choir, a brass section, maybe even a rock band — and it’s no surprise that the sound in many churches falls short of excellent.
church acoustic panels
The good news is that the sound in any space can be made clear—economically and efficiently—by a church with a plan and church acoustic panels from Audimute.
Audimute church acoustic panels work by absorbing sound, and that prevents it from reflecting back into open spaces and from escaping into other rooms. Each panel is simple to install, offers up to 100 percent absorption of mid- and high –frequency sound, and is made from eco-friendly materials. They’re the perfect solution for getting great sound in the sanctuary as well as providing low noise and privacy in other parts of the church, for day care, teaching, or private consultations.

Plus, Audimute’s new custom options for church acoustic panels mean that your sound improvement can blend discreetly into your décor or be a distinctive design element. Thousands of fabrics and graphic options can be applied to the church acoustic panels, and the panels can even be custom-made to feature a unique design or picture.

If your church doesn’t sound as good as it should, get the process started. Mobilize the talent in your congregation, give some thought to what needs to improve, and then call Audimute. We’ve been helping houses of worship sound better for years with the right advice and right products.

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