Soundproofing Plus: Audimute Puts Quiet Drum Practice in Reach of Every Drummer

Audimute Puts Quiet Drum Practice in Reach of Every Drummer

I’ve been a drummer for most of my life. After all this time, I still absolutely love the sound of my drums. I practice every chance I get and when I do, I want to hear a big, natural, wide-open drum sound. It’s magical.

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates our instrument as we drummers do—our beautiful music can seem a bit noisy to outsiders. The trick for drummers is to find a rewarding way to practice without offending our families and neighbors … and without causing that unfortunate meeting with Officer Friendly.

I started Audimute for exactly that reason: I needed to find a way to have a quiet drum practice at home while still enjoying the sound of full-bodied drums. I took that concept and developed our sound absorption sheets. They’re an easy, affordable, and versatile way to have a quiet drum practice without compromise.

Many drummers think that quiet drum practice only happens in a totally soundproof room, but that’s just not true. Here, acoustic science is your friend: If you can cut the volume outside the practice room by just 10 decibels, it will sound half as loud as it did before. Almost everyone can live with that, and two easy steps will get you there.

First, seal up any air leaks in the practice room. Second, add sound absorption—like Audimute sound absorption sheets—to the inside of the room. Sound absorption means less reflection, echo, and sound transmission. You’ll hear your playing much clearer, making practice much more effective, and the sheets will dramatically cut the transmission of high and mid-frequencies—the annoying ones—to the outside. Win-win-win.

I hope you’ll stop thinking of quiet drum practice as something reserved for soundproof rooms or expensive practice spaces. The truth is, with a little time and a very small investment, Audimute can help to make it yours as well.

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