Soundproofing Plus: Convert a Garage into a Band Practice Space Using Acoustic Curtains

Convert a Garage into a Band Practice Space Using Acoustic Curtains

Behold the humble garage: mild-mannered car park by day; theater of musical greatness by night. It’s been the practice space of choice for generations of hard-working, neighbor-infuriating rock stars in training.

Take away the gear and attitude, though, and the garage is not a perfect practice space. Most garages are full of hard, reflective surfaces, so individual parts get lost in echo and reverb. To hear themselves, everyone plays louder—and the sound continues to get worse. Musical essentials like nuance and dynamics are impossible to practice. It’s not the way to win a Grammy.
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Acoustic curtains like Audimute sound absorption sheets can convert your garage into an ideal practice space. When you clean up the sound, you’ll:

  • Hear what you’re playing, so you can be a better musician
  • Preserve your hearing, because you can play softer
  • Make the neighbors happy by keeping more sound in the garage.
First, install acoustic curtains to control reflection. Hang sheets around the entire garage, paying special attention to areas of high sound pressure, reflection, and transmission. Put a double layer in front of the garage door and hang an acoustic curtain above t he drum kit to subdue the powerful first wave of sound.

Audimute’s Garage Kit has 1176 square feet of sound absorption sheets (acoustic curtains), in off-white or the new charcoal color. Our acoustic curtains are extremely affordable—as low as 91 cents per square foot—and have an impressive noise reduction coefficient of .70. The new charcoal sheets even have grommets installed for ultra-easy installation and removal. Simply hang up the sheets when you’re ready to practice, and remove them when it’s time to use the garage for things like … cars.

Remember, each garage is different. Before you make any changes, talk to the pros at Audimute and make sure you’re on the right track. And stay tuned—there are more tips to come in part two.

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