Soundproofing Plus: A Better Start in Acoustic Panels—Audimute Starter Kits

A Better Start in Acoustic Panels—Audimute Starter Kits

If you listen carefully, your room will tell you what it needs to sound better. If you’re hearing echo, reflection, or just plain muddy sound, please allow us to translate: That’s your room saying, “Hey, we really could use a little sound absorption material in here.”

Answer the call with Audimute’s newly enhanced acoustic panel starter kit. Each kit has six 1' x 2' acoustic panels, six 2' x 2' acoustic panels, and 12 hanging clips36 square feet of easy-to-install sound-absorbing coverage. It’s everything you need to seriously improve the sound of your room in one simple package.
acoustic panels
The starter kit is much less expensive than purchasing 12 acoustic panels by themselves, but make no mistake: These panels are the same state-of-the-art acoustic panels found in studios, theaters, offices, and homes around the world. Hand constructed using sturdy metal frames, environmentally friendly eco-C-tex sound absorption material, and 11 beautiful colors of new Class A fire-rated fabric, these acoustic panels are simply the best you can buy.

They’re easy to hang, they enhance any décor, and best of all, they work like nothing else. So, listen up and let your room sound cleaner and clearer with Audimute’s acoustic panel starter kit.

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