Soundproofing Plus: Improve Your Practice Space with Audimute Sound Dampening Material

Improve Your Practice Space with Audimute Sound Dampening Material

The first part of this blog entry showed how to use sound dampening material, like Audimute’s sound absorption sheets, to transform a garage into a great-sounding practice space.
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To improve your practice space even more:

  • Use a flashlight to inspect the gaps around doors and windows. If you see light, sound can escape. The gap should be closed with a functional seal, like Audimute’s Acoustic Seals
  • Face all speakers away from the garage door. Keeping the first wave of sound away from the door prevents reflection and transmission.
  • Raise all speaker cabinets and monitors off the floor. A more direct path to your ears lets you lower the volume, and less volume equals less reflection.
  • Practice when the air is warmest. Warm, dense air acts like sound dampening material: It absorbs more sound than cool air.
These steps, together with the installation of sound dampening material, will dramatically change the sound of your garage practice space. Remember, however, that sound absorption is not sound blocking. Sound blocking keeps sound from escaping; sound absorption prevents reflection and improves sound. Absorption is most effective for mid and high frequencies, which are both the largest part of any reflection problem and the most disturbing to other people.

So, good sound dampening material can have the same effect as blocking at a fraction of the price for two main reasons:
  • Absorption produces clear sound, which lets you practice at a lower volume.
  • Absorbing the high-frequency waves makes a big difference in how loud the music seems to the neighbors.

For a real-world example, take a look at the video above and see how the band Imminent transformed its practice space. Then, call 866-505-MUTE and learn how Audimute can help you transform yours.

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