Soundproofing Plus: Sample Kits: Experience Audimute Acoustical Wall Panels for Yourself

Sample Kits: Experience Audimute Acoustical Wall Panels for Yourself

We know that our acoustical wall panels are the best—and best-looking—sound absorption panels on the market, but how in the world do we demonstrate that to you? We could take you to all the studios and churches, the stores and offices that have made our acoustical wall panels an essential part of their acoustic and aesthetic designs. We’d introduce you to the customers who tell us the panels “work very, very well” and are “built beautifully and look terrific,” and that they’ve “never seen another product that compares.” We’d have a wonderful time.

But we know you’re busy (and world tours aren’t cheap) so we came up with the next best thing: We developed the Audimute acoustic panel sample kits.
acoustical wall panels
The kits are designed to let you experience the great looks and amazing performance of our acoustical wall panels in your own space, before you place a full order. All of the kits include:

  • A sample of our environmentally friendly eco-C-tex sound absorption material
  • A full packet of information
  • Standard, image, and custom fabric swatches
There are three kits available: one with 1' by 1' full fabric panel, one with a 1' by 1' image panel, and the a la carte version with just the fabric samples.

Order the sample kit that best suits your application, and give it a try for yourself. The cost of the kit can be credited to your first panel order, so there’s no risk. It’s simply a free ticket to experience the best sound absorption you can buy.

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