Soundproofing Plus: Why are Audimute Home Theater Acoustic Panels So Great? Let Chris Tell You.

Why are Audimute Home Theater Acoustic Panels So Great? Let Chris Tell You.

We’ve written a bit lately about our home theater acoustic panels. We are rather proud of their unique combination of performance and good looks. A customer named Chris recently used our acoustic panels to finish his home theater, and he found out that in addition to their good looks and great performance, our panels have another, less obvious talent. We’ll let him tell the whole story.
home theater acoustic panels
“This past summer, we finished our basement to include a living room for watching movies and entertaining. Plans included a large flat-panel TV, A/V gear, and furniture. The area I designated for mounting the TV was also the wall with access to utilities: water, electric, and cable. During construction, I had our contractor frame around the access to each utility so I could hang home theater acoustic panels for easy access. After a lot of research, I decided on the 2' x 4' Audimute panels. Each of these home theater acoustic panels covers the access to utilities and can be easily removed when needed. The ability to hang and remove with ease sold me on the product. The panels look great while adding sound audio performance to the room. We are very happy with the aesthetics, ease of installation, and performance of the Audimute home theater acoustic panels. The sound dampening panels are very well made and look great. The frame is sturdy and provides solid, straight lines. Hanging these home theater acoustic panels couldn’t be easier—it’s as easy as hanging a picture.”

We’d like to thank Chris for being such a creative guy and providing his insight about our acoustic panels. He did a great job describing everything our acoustic panels bring to a room. The ability to make a home theater sound fantastic? Check. Versatile good looks, thanks to 1,000 fabrics, 700 images, and the ability to include a custom image? Also check. Effortless integration into any design, even if it’s slightly unconventional? Well, Chris covered that better than we ever could.

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