Soundproofing Plus: Audimute Panels: Acoustic Beauty in Every Sense

Audimute Panels: Acoustic Beauty in Every Sense

Those of us at Audimute are pretty excited about our newly enhanced sound absorbing panels. Acoustic absorption has been a design afterthought for too long, so we found a way to make sound enhancement an elegant part of any room.

Acoustic paneling

We’ve taken the features that have always been part of Audimute’s panels—acoustic absorption that’s second to none, environmentally friendly materials, and quality hand construction—and wrapped them in so many different color and graphic choices that we’ve lost count. Plus, for a truly unique statement, we can take any picture you own or select from our gallery and make it the graphic design of your panel. Really, the sky’s the limit for your design choices.

This unique combination of function and form has our customers excited as well. They tell us how their studios, halls, and home theaters—to name just a few—came alive after installing our panels. Acoustic design with style … nobody does it better than our customers and Audimute.

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