Soundproofing Plus: Beyond the Studio: Acoustic Paneling Improves Sound in Businesses, Auditoriums, and More

Beyond the Studio: Acoustic Paneling Improves Sound in Businesses, Auditoriums, and More

People tend to think of acoustic paneling in terms of musical or performance environments. That’s certainly true, but it leaves out a number of places where clear sound is equally important. Businesses, gyms, auditoriums, conference rooms, offices and other open spaces can significantly improve the quality of their sound—and the experience of their patrons—with the effective use of acoustic paneling.

We regularly hear success stories from our customers, and we recently heard one that demonstrates how Audimute acoustic panels dramatically improved the acoustic quality of an open business space, opening up a world of new opportunities in the process.

Sara writes: “I was recently hired to help run the Eclipse Company Store, a historic building specializing in event services. The store is a beautiful space with the original 1902 wood ceilings, floors, and walls. The sound quality, with all that wood, was echo-y and very distracting with both small and large groups. Though the space is begging for dances and live music, bands were telling us they wouldn’t perform there due to the sound problems.

“We’ve installed only half of our 21 Audimute acoustic panels, and the echoes have ceased and the sound quality has improved 100 percent. Not only that, but everyone who’s seen the acoustic paneling in the space has commented on how beautiful, professional, and classy it looks. We also love Audimute because it’s an Ohio company making eco-friendly products. The acoustic paneling has really deadened the sound in the rooms we’ve used it in. Now we can talk without hearing the echoes of our voices all over the space. The panels have done exactly what they said they would do, and we’re excited to be able to start using our events space for live music and dancing.”

We’ve been hearing similar stories from customers worldwide since 1993. We’ve always been committed to sound improvement wherever it’s needed, and that means listening to our customers’ requests. Now, our acoustic panels have an expanded array of custom options—more than 1,000 fabrics, more than 700 images, and a truly custom option to add your own image to a panel. Because, at Audimute, it’s all about meeting your acoustic and aesthetic needs—no matter how unique the space.

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