Soundproofing Plus: Deciding Among Acoustic Solutions

Deciding Among Acoustic Solutions

We’re a little different here at Audimute. We’ve never been interested in selling over-hyped acoustic solutions that claim to do it all. We’ve built our reputation on providing the right solution—and only the right solution—to our customers.

To help you sort out what you need, here’s a short list of things to consider before buying any acoustic product.

First, identify the problem and make sure the products you consider will fix it. If echo and reverberation are muddying up your sound, sound absorption is probably the right choice. If the problem is sound transmission—too much sound is getting in or getting out—you should investigate sound blocking.

Second, be reasonable about your budget and your needs. If you use an effective product, you can use less and still get the same or better results than with other acoustic solutions. Consider the noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of a product: The higher the number, the more effective it will be at cleaning up the sound. Double-check to make sure the NRC is for that product alone, and not based on its installation over another product.

Don’t, however, take the budget road too far. Resist the urge to hang blankets, egg cartons, or carpet; choose from dedicated acoustic products. You simply can’t get good performance from Aunt Edna’s old comforter.

Third, make a good choice for the world. Some acoustic solutions are made from pretty toxic stuff—chemicals that you don’t want to breathe every day, or compounds that eventually turn to dust. This is your big chance to do something eco-friendly—and we’d be remiss if we didn’t note that all Audimute sound absorption and blocking materials are manufactured using recycled materials.

Finally, get some help. You don’t need to know everything about acoustic solutions. We’ve got that covered, so give Audimute a call at 866-505-6883. We’ll set the record straight on what you need—without the hype.

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