Soundproofing Plus: Acoustic Materials 101: Sound Absorption Sheets

Acoustic Materials 101: Sound Absorption Sheets

One of my band’s practice spaces is long on brick walls, amplification, and beer bottles … and woefully short on acoustic materials. It really needs some echo control, and shortly before our last practice I got a box of Audimute sound absorption sheets in the mail. As I was unpacking them before rehearsal, my guitar player took a long look and asked, “What are those?”

What are those, indeed? To the uninitiated, absorption sheets look like extra-large, rather comfy blankets; to those of us familiar with acoustic materials, they look like the key to a better-sounding practice space.

They did a great job of removing the mid- and high-frequency slap-back of the room, and we had a much more pleasant practice. Audimute sheets work similar magic beyond the practice space—for studios, offices, and anywhere that sound reflection and reverberation are a problem, absorption sheets are often the answer.

I explained all this to my guitarist, but I could have just pointed him to the video titled, like his question,“What are sound absorption sheets?” Or I could have had him call 866-505-MUTE (6883) to talk to the experts at Audimute, who have been demystifying acoustic materials for years. Whether you’re starting with the basics (like my guitarist) or need a technical answer to a tricky problem, they’re ready to provide the expert advice you need.

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