Soundproofing Plus: Audimute Studio Soundproofing: The Reviews Are In

Audimute Studio Soundproofing: The Reviews Are In

Here’s a big Audimute “thank you” for all the compliments on our studio soundproofing. We really appreciate it. Our goal is to always provide great advice, friendly service, and high-performance products, and it sounds like we’re on target.

Our studio soundproofing products, like Peacemaker sound insulation and sound absorption sheets, have made a difference in studios across the country—but maybe “difference” is a bit of an understatement. Our customers tell us they are “amazed” and that “nothing compares” to our soundproofing.

Why are our customers so effusive? In their own words, it’s because Audimute studio soundproofing “looks great,” provides an “exact balance” of sound, and is “half as expensive” as other alternatives, to boot.

Sheesh. It’s getting a little embarrassing, so we’ll hand it over to our customers to tell the rest of the story. Take a look at their studio soundproofing reviews and then call us with one of your own.

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