Soundproofing Plus: Audimute: Unique Among Soundproofing Companies

Audimute: Unique Among Soundproofing Companies

If necessity is the mother of invention, then invention is the mother of soundproofing companies. Audimute is proof: One man took a simple soundproofing idea and, with the help of a great bunch of people, built it into an international company.

The full details of the Audimute story can be found in this video—but let’s just say that Mitch Zlotnik, the company founder, was a noisy musician as a teen.

That’s not too unusual, but what happened next is. Most teens don’t use noise complaints as motivation to start soundproofing companies. Mitch did.

Many years later, Audimute remains unique among soundproofing companies. It’s still a family-run business with a culture of customer service and innovation, and its focus on effective, affordable products built from recycled materials continues to set it apart.

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