Soundproofing Plus: Choosing the Acoustical Treatments That Are Right for You

Choosing the Acoustical Treatments That Are Right for You

I recently had a discussion with a fellow musician about acoustical treatments. He’s building a studio, and the plans call for very nice, very reflective wood walls and floors. The studio isn’t even finished, but it’s already apparent that the “big room” is going to need some echo control.

The room is designed to have a healthy natural reverb. This will be great for most recordings, but at times he will need to tame the room sound to capture something subtler. It sounded to me like a perfect candidate for some of Audimute’s acoustical treatments, so we spent some time discussing his options.

At the end of our conversation, we decided that it made sense for him to go with Audimute’s absorption sheets. He needs acoustical treatments that are quick and flexible—he’s experimental in his recordings, and with the sheets he can try different configurations quickly and easily until he gets the ideal sound.

Our conversation demonstrates what Audimute has known for years: Each situation is unique and requires thoughtful analysis. Our video on choosing the right sound absorption highlights some considerations in the quest for great sound, and we have lots more insight to offer. Give us a call at 866-505-MUTE (6883) and let us help you get your sound right.

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