Soundproofing Plus: Creating a Soundproof Space With Sound Blocking Material

Creating a Soundproof Space With Sound Blocking Material

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably had the “I need sound blocking material” moment. Sure, it may not have been that specific. Maybe it was “My studio needs to be soundproof,” or “We should think about soundproofing before we finish this wall.” Or maybe it was just “Man, I can hear everything my neighbors are doing, and they’re doing things I don’t want to hear.”

No matter the circumstances, the realization is important. We know that moment, and we understand. We get calls every day from customers in the middle of new construction, renovations, or just standing in a room that should be a lot quieter, all of them looking to integrate sound blocking material into their space.

This is where Audimute comes in. We’ve got the right sound blocking material and the right advice to turn that moment into a lifetime of quiet. Start here: our video on creating a soundproof wall or room. Once you’ve got the basics, get performance sound blocking products and expert advice from Audimute at 866-505-MUTE (6883) or at

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