Soundproofing Plus: How to Soundproof Floors: A Case of Bad Vibrations

How to Soundproof Floors: A Case of Bad Vibrations

Here’s a tale of how to soundproof floors against a most unlikely culprit—a washer/dryer combo. These appliances needed to move out of a basement and into a main living area, and they were fixing to shake things up.

“Shaking” was exactly the problem at hand. Vibration causes structural noise, and washers and dryers cause a lot of vibration. The builder came to Audimute for advice on how to soundproof floors, and that meant we needed to find a way to stop the vibes.

We worked up a solution centered on our 6.4mm Peacemaker. The thick Peacemaker is specifically designed to decouple floors from the rest of a structure, to isolate vibration at the source. We contained remaining mid- and high-frequency noise using our sound absorption sheets, and with minimal expense (thousands less than other estimates) the appliance noise was virtually eliminated.

We’ve put together a short documentary on how to soundproof floors and showing how this project was completed, successfully yet inexpensively. Check it out, and give us a call at 866-505-MUTE (6883). We can help if you’ve got a problem with shake, rattle, or roll.


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