Soundproofing Plus: Music Room Soundproofing Makes the J.A.M. Possible

Music Room Soundproofing Makes the J.A.M. Possible

The folks at the Jan Angle Memorial Music Conservatory—AKA J.A.M.—were kind enough to drop us a video line showing how they used Audimute products for their music room soundproofing. What they showed us, well, is a far cry from where I used to practice.

I remember practice rooms being cold, questionable smelling, and far-from-soundproof places. Not so at J.A.M. Conservatory. This place is slick—clean, professional, and comfortable—and in every music room, soundproofing plays a key role in quality practice as well as interoffice harmony.

They’ve used Audimute sound absorption sheets in every room, to make things sound clean and clear inside and, most importantly for them, keep the sound inside as well. As J.A.M. shares a building with a number of other businesses, it’s critical that it manages the sound level inside and outside every music room. Soundproofing from Audimute helps J.A.M. teach effectively and still keep the peace with the neighbors.

Kevin Johnson was kind enough to provide a video walk-through of his sound absorption installation. Take a look at the Conservatory’s story, grab some ideas that work, and feel free to give us a call for a personalized opinion on your soundproofing situation.

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