Soundproofing Plus: Next-level Home Studios: Building a Vocal Booth

Next-level Home Studios: Building a Vocal Booth

Tell anyone who isn’t into home recording that you’re building a vocal booth, and the next thing you’ll probably hear is “why?” To them, it’s just a hobby, but to you it’s much more.

Great recordings fuel your passion, and you’re always trying to perfect your sound. We understand. We share the same devotion to sonic excellence, and we’ve committed ourselves to providing the tools you need to make your dreams real.

This is why we love getting success stories from people like Dave. We used his story for a mini-documentary on building a vocal booth. It shows what a little ingenuity, effort, and Audimute soundproofing can do for a home studio.

Dave demonstrates a lot of advanced thinking in building a vocal booth. As you watch the video, take note of his use of several tried-and-true acoustic isolation techniques: dedicated soundproofing insulation and absorption, floated walls, gap sealing, and multiple wall layers.

The final result may not win a beauty contest, but it provides the most beautiful thing in the world to a recording enthusiast: clean vocals without echo, coloration, or unwanted noise.

Whether you’re taking things to the next level, like Dave did, or just getting started, you can always call the Audimute professionals at 866-505-MUTE (6883). We’ve got the right advice and right product to make your studio sing.

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