Soundproofing Plus: The Only Sound Deadening Review That Matters Comes Right From the Customer

The Only Sound Deadening Review That Matters Comes Right From the Customer

Spend a little time looking for an objective sound deadening review, and you’re likely to become frustrated. There’s no lack of fluffy promotional copy out there, but the trouble is knowing how much of it you can trust.

Why not get a sound deadening review straight from the customer (or, in our case, many satisfied customers)? Who better to provide the straight story than those who put our product through its paces day after day?

Our sound deadening review video is a nifty summary of the nice things actual customers have said about our sound absorption sheets.

Audimute sheets are a state-of-the-art product designed to reduce echo and reflection in any environment. They’re affordable, portable, and eco-friendly, and are superbly versatile. Take a look at the imaginative ways our customers have used them to improve sound in many different environments, and then get in touch with us (at 866-505-MUTE or to find out how our sheets can have you writing a great—and objective—review of your own.

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2 Response to "The Only Sound Deadening Review That Matters Comes Right From the Customer"

  1. Tom says:

    Wow, it sounds like people have had a lot of success when they used sound deadening for sound recording booths! I have to say that I'm always worried that there will be footsteps in the audio, so maybe it's about time that I fixed that! What kind would you recommend?

    Hi Tom, thanks for your comment. The Sound Absorption Sheets are exceptional in recording booths as they help reduce the sound pressure inside and bring clarity to your recordings! If you're experiencing footsteps in your audios, you may want to consider light construction. By adding Peacemaker, a sound barrier rubber roll we carry, you'll notice a pretty nice reduction of sound transfer . I'd like to talk further with you about this, so if you have time, please give me a call! I'm at your service and look forward to speaking with you. Thank you!

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