Soundproofing Plus: Peacemaker Customer Soundproofing Reviews: The Ones That Matter

Peacemaker Customer Soundproofing Reviews: The Ones That Matter

Good customer soundproofing reviews tell the Peacemaker story better than any words we could write. Customer testimonials also provide something that can be hard to come by—objectivity.

Naturally, we’re a little biased. Audimute has a lot of pride in Peacemaker soundproofing for a bunch of good reasons. It works, it’s affordable, it’s made from recycled materials, and it’s easy to put up.

It’s nice to hear these things from us—and they’re true, by the way—but the soundproofing reviews that matter are those from the customers who’ve bought Peacemaker, installed it themselves, and heard the difference. They’ve got no horse in this race, but they’ve shared their success stories with us, and we’re passing them on to you.

Our video on Peacemaker soundproofing reviews shows some of our customers, their testimonials, and their newly soundproofed spaces. Take a look, then call 866-505-MUTE (6883) or visit us online at to see all our products. We can’t promise to be as unbiased as our customers, but we can guarantee you’ll get expert advice and top-notch service.

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