Soundproofing Plus: The Play-By-Play for Installing Audimute Noise Barriers

The Play-By-Play for Installing Audimute Noise Barriers

Our video series on installing Peacemaker noise barriers is part of a proud American tradition: the step-by-step guide.

For years we’ve learned to juggle, bake cakes, assemble playhouses, and do card tricks from the experts, one step at a time. Considering that using Peacemaker to reduce structural noise, vibration, and transmitted sound is easier than any of those, our video series should be everything you need to get your soundproofing project under way.

The series is part of our mission to prove that noise barriers aren’t complicated, expensive, or tough to install. Since the beginning, Audimute has worked hard to make soundproofing simple. Step one in that quest is to make high-quality, affordable soundproofing products. Step two is to give every customer the right advice, tailored to his or her unique soundproofing situation. And step three is what these videos are all about: helping you get your project done the right way.

We know there’s a wealth of useful information in these videos, but we also know that every situation is unique. It would be our pleasure to pass along some of our experience—step-by-step, if you like—to help you install Audimute noise barriers. Call us at 866-505-MUTE (6883).

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