Soundproofing Plus: A Professional Vocal Recording Booth … At Home

A Professional Vocal Recording Booth … At Home

There was a time when a vocal recording booth, just like a pro-quality recording studio, was out of reach for most people. Fortunately, we’re smack in the middle of a home-recording revolution, and great technology is now available to any artist.

For example, the previously mentioned vocal booth is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity for clean, clear vocal tracks. Audimute has the technology to bring top-shelf vocal sound to any home recording studio, easily and affordably.

They’re called sound absorption sheets, and they are the secret to building a clean-sounding, echo-free vocal recording booth on a budget. We have the proof—check out the video testimonial of singer, songwriter, and radio host Marcie. She converted some unused space in her home into a pro-quality vocal recording booth.

We’re pretty proud of Marcie’s results, and we’re confident we can bring the same great performance to your studio. Call 866-505-MUTE (6883) and let us tell you the easy, affordable way to get great vocal tracks.

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