Soundproofing Plus: The Acoustic Challenges of Window Soundproofing

The Acoustic Challenges of Window Soundproofing

We get a ton of questions about window soundproofing. The questions come from all kinds of people with a wide range of issues: Some are trying to keep a studio quiet, some have a noisy office, and some are just trying to get a little sleep. But they’ve all discovered the same two things.

Windows are typically the least soundproof part of a room … and window soundproofing is tricky.

There. I said it, and it’s true. Glass windows do two things very well: They’ve mastered the art of being transparent, and they’re equally good at transmitting sound. Thin, single-paned windows—the kind that are acceptable for most construction—present almost no acoustic resistance.

What to do? That depends on the type of sound you’re trying to block. If it’s just low-level street noise or conversation, simply adding some Sound Absorbing Sheets as window soundproofing may do the job. They can be put up, taken down, and layered easily and as needed.

If your issue is more substantial—the sound source is very loud, or you need strong soundproofing for recording, privacy, or security—you’ve got a bigger job ahead. The only way to significantly reduce sound transmission is to add dead air in the window space, block the window with heavy material, or get rid of the windows entirely.

When I talk about “dead air,” I mean using multi-paned, sound-rated windows, or multiple windows installed back-to-back. The captured air between the panes acts as sound insulation and can really help in reducing noise levels. As for adding mass or deleting the windows … although highly effective, these methods convert windows into walls, and this is typically not a good look, especially if you prize the little gifts—like light and air—that windows bring.

We’ve covered Window Soundproofing in more depth on our Web site, but remember: You’ve got years of soundproofing experience at your disposal to tackle challenging questions like this one. Just give Audimute a call at 866-505-MUTE (6883). We’ll help you get the right answer to any soundproofing issue.

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