Soundproofing Plus: DIY Home Theater Soundproofing - Enhance Your Experience with Acoustic Panels

DIY Home Theater Soundproofing - Enhance Your Experience with Acoustic Panels

After going through the planning and expense to build out of a DIY home theater, the first thing you want to do is sit back and watch an epic film for some fun with your family or friends. Before you pull out the popcorn and drinks, settle into your chairs, and pick up the remote control to show off your system, consider enhancing the experience with acoustic panels, which control echo and reverberation. To deliver an exceptional audio-visual experience, you'll want to use home theater soundproofing acoustical panels for their functionality, but don’t let that get in the way of your design sensibility.

Audimute’s acoustic panels can be an integral and unique part of your DIY home theater soundproofing project: use several acoustic panels together and create a pattern installation; introduce a vibrant color to your space or stick with traditional black fabric on your panels; you can even custom print high resolution images (remember you have to own the copyright of any image you ask us to print) or logos on the panels for the ultimate in personalized home theater décor.

Serving the DIY home theater enthusiast who wants to add a decorative touch to their acoustics, Audimute offers acoustic panel home theater soundproofing in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Don’t see what you like? Choose a custom image panel or place a special order for custom fabric. Acoustic panels can be customized with high resolution stock imagery or personal photographs. How wonderful will it be when, in addition to great equipment, you have clear sound and on the wall home theater decorations featuring vintage pictures of cinema or Hollywood, or incorporating friends and family. Hundreds of acoustic fabrics are also available. Audimute offers sound solutions and we’ll help you meet your DIY home theater's decorating needs: our panels will not only improve the sound quality of your cinematic experience, but reflect your personal taste and enhance the look of your home theater.

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