Soundproofing Plus: A Full Room Acoustics Treatment for Case Western Reserve

A Full Room Acoustics Treatment for Case Western Reserve

Audimute went back to campus recently to provide a student hot spot with a full room acoustics treatment. When we say hot “spot,” we mean it literally, because the lucky recipient of a sonic makeover was Case Western Reserve University’s “The Spot.”

The Spot is the campus hangout for students from Case, the Cleveland Institute of Art, and the Cleveland Institute of Music. It hosts performances, events, concerts, and dances throughout the year, and it’s the daily gathering place for large numbers of students. In other words, it’s a loud place.

Flat, reflective walls, a large open space, and a lot of sound are a recipe for echo and distortion. That’s exactly the spot that The Spot was in, so Audimute acoustic panels were installed as a room acoustics treatment.

Now strategically hanging behind the stage, the panels reduce reflection and provide a cleaner sonic environment for performances as well as during everyday use. At six feet in height and in variable custom widths (between six and twenty-one inches), The Spot’s twelve new panels create an impressive design effect. In addition to custom sizes, the panels are custom-colored to coordinate with the striped motif painted on the background wall.

For The Spot, these panels offer a great functional design solution, the perfect room acoustics treatment for a multi-use performance space, and they are suited for the academic mind-set: They’re eco-friendly, very affordable, and stylish. 

Find out for yourself why Audimute panels passed the test at Case Western Reserve. Give us a call at 866-505-MUTE (6883)or check us out on the Web at

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