Soundproofing Plus: Home Theater Acoustic Panels - Design Your Sound Solution

Home Theater Acoustic Panels - Design Your Sound Solution

If you have a home theater, or are thinking of creating one, you probably appreciate the convenience of avoiding trip to the theater hassles and watching almost any film or television series you can get from Netflix or your favorite DVD, BluRay, or HD-DVD. To fully utilize the space you have, you should consider incorporating home theater acoustic panels in your home theatre design. Of course the projection equipment, speakers, and seating arrangement matter. But you are also going to hear your room…and most rooms don't sound great.

To get a better idea of what I mean, forget an acoustic panels home theater set up for the moment, and imagine your current system playing on medium volume in a room made of concrete or cinder blocks. Can you hear any sound over the building echoes and reverb? Now, imagine the same system in a room coated ceiling, floor, and walls in eggshell acoustic foam. The sound is empty and the aesthetics of the room make you sick, right? Let’s get away from the extremes, and step back to the question of why you may need home theater acoustic panels.

First, take into account the sound output and how hard walls (even drywall or gypsum board) can distort the sound. Good home theater room design addresses these acoustic issues, and should include acoustic panels to reduce reverberation and echo. The addition of acoustic panels to your home theater design will not only improve the room's sound, but contribute to its overall look.

Audimute home theater acoustic panels come in standard sizes and colors, and can be customized, either by mixing and matching standard sizes, shapes, and colors, or by creating and implementing a design (photographs, artwork, logos) all your own. Audimute can even help you select stock imagery available at low cost or free (they offer nearly 500 stock images in their online gallery) or work with your own photographs and arrange to have them printed on your acoustic panels. For acoustic panels in a home theater and a design plan that looks good AND performs well, think about giving Audimute acoustic consultants a  chance to help you find the right sound solution.

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