Soundproofing Plus: On Beauty and Acoustic Absorbers

On Beauty and Acoustic Absorbers

Well, this is interesting. I’ve been asked to discuss the fact that one of our acoustic absorbers is a little … plain in appearance. Yes, I’m speaking of our original sound absorption sheets.

We always hear about how well they cut echo and reverberation, how easy they are to use, how little they cost, and how environmentally friendly they are. All true, but then every once in a while someone has to point out that they’re not beautiful. And that kind of hurts.

Yes, we know. Some of our acoustic absorbers aren’t exactly supermodel material. In this case, however, we think that “beauty” is entirely relative. Beautiful sound, not a design statement, is what we’re after with our sheets. We’ve got acoustic panels for soundproofing with flair (Have you seen them? They’re gorgeous!).

Maybe we should try some different advertising. How about “Perfect in sound absorption. Eco-friendly. Very affordable. Just average in looks.”? Or “Destined for the cover of Mix magazine, not Better Homes and Gardens”? Maybe we can get Michael Phelps as a pitchman. We’ll tag the photo “Two world-class, legendary performers. Both not selected “best looking” in high school.”

OK, so our original sheets may be a little bit boring, being off-white and all. They can’t help the way they’re made—it’s part of who they are. We recently introduced a line of charcoal-colored sound absorption sheets that are ideal for those rooms where good styling is essential. If, however, you’re looking for great acoustic absorbers at an amazing price, our plain ol’ sound absorption sheets are perfect.

At the end of the day, we’re totally content with our sound absorption sheets. They’re versatile, affordable, highly effective, and eco-friendly, and that’s enough for us. It’s not like foam or fiberglass acoustic absorbers are setting people aflutter with their good looks either … and they’re not even pretending to be environmentally friendly.

Besides, what’s more important: great sound, or making Martha Stewart proud? Choose with your ears, and don’t let a little off-white color your judgement.

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