Soundproofing Plus: Peacemaker Wall Soundproofing in Action: Our Customers Say the Nicest Things

Peacemaker Wall Soundproofing in Action: Our Customers Say the Nicest Things

At Audimute, we help a lot of customers with their wall soundproofing, and Peacemaker sound insulation sure makes our job easy. Thanks to its multiple thicknesses, low cost, and ease of use, we can find an effective solution to any soundproofing problem.

We get to the right solution by taking the time to discuss sound with our customers. It’s a big part of what we do and what we believe in; no “one size fits all” answers here. We work hard to provide the best answer for each individual need.

But the really fun part happens after Peacemaker is up and working. That’s when we get to read the letters and e-mails from happy customers—like these:

“I’m a music producer and a DJ. I was tired of paying out big dollars to go into studios that people defined as ‘pro-studios.’ I purchased a house in October of last year and just got around to building one of the rooms in the basement into a studio. I knocked down walls, built up walls, put up insulation, then Peacemaker wall soundproofing, 5/8 sheet rock, and I was golden, baby. No more noise coming into the closet from the utility room at all—it’s great! I have nothing but great things to say about Peacemaker. It works.”

"Kudos to Audimute! Happy to purchase your product for my project as well as to help the environment. With millions of tires going to the landfills, nice to know you are creating a product to recycle all that rubber.”

“I am a music producer/engineer. Since my recording studio is in my home, I needed something to kill sound for recording vocals. I heard about Audimute [and] thought it looked great, so I purchased Peacemaker and sound absorption sheets and have had outstanding results. Pros: Low cost for the amount you get, easy to install, great at keeping sound out. Cons: I can find no cons about this product. If I ever need wall soundproofing products again for any situation, I will be shopping at Audimute. Thanks, Audimute!”

“I live in the heart of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The neighborhood is known for its bars, restaurants, and lounges, [which mean] loud people and police sirens. My seven-floor building—previously a tenement building—can carry in noise from the streets and from other units, given its ‘shoe-like’ structural design. I installed Audimute Peacemaker hoping to lessen only the noise from my apartment to the lower floor. I was amazed to find out it did more than that. I blasted my speakers with the windows open and went out to the fire escape. I was surprised to find out how Peacemaker silenced the music, but even more surprised when my neighbors asked me if I have been out of town, since they had not heard me for a while. I highly recommend the product if you want to enjoy your place, your privacy, and a healthy relationship with your neighbors.”

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