Soundproofing Plus: Understanding the “E’s” of Room Soundproofing

Understanding the “E’s” of Room Soundproofing

Every room soundproofing project is different, and it’s very important to have a clear plan before you begin. Over the years, Audimute has developed a shorthand reference for creating a working plan for soundproofing success. We’ve nicknamed it the “E System,” for reasons that will be readily apparent.

There are five “E” words that neatly sum up the considerations in a room soundproofing project. The first one, expectations, may be the most important. Your goals and expectations drive every decision in a soundproofing project. Always target attainable results and make sure your goals are in line with what is necessary for your individual situation.

Second, expertise: Assess your own soundproofing skill, and get a knowledgeable, customer-focused company on board to help you make the right decisions.

Economics is our third “E,” and it covers two separate but related decisions. How much are you willing to put into the project, and will you be using room soundproofing products that deliver the most performance for your budget? Make sure to carefully weigh cost versus effectiveness, and make a value-based decision.

Fourth, think about the environment. It might not be obvious, but the soundproofing materials you use have a direct impact on the world around you. Many products are made from foam, fiberglass, or non-recycled materials. You can avoid using these toxic, wasteful, and energy-intensive products and still get the same soundproofing quality. We know—we do it every day.

Finally, consider experience: the experience of your soundproofing manufacturer and, if you’re not doing it yourself, your installer. The end result of your soundproofing project depends on getting the right advice and installing the product correctly, so be sure to seek out professionals that have been there and done that.

For more on the E System, take a look at our video on room soundproofing considerations. Remember that Audimute is always available at 866-505-MUTE (6883) for your own expert soundproofing consultation.

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