Soundproofing Plus: DIY Soundproof: Cheapest Soundproofing with Audimute Sheets

DIY Soundproof: Cheapest Soundproofing with Audimute Sheets

Here is an example of Audimute's sound absorption sheets proving to be the cheapest soundproofing and the most effective DIY soundproof solution for unwanted noise. This customer needed the rest of his home quite while he practiced his drums in his music room. After trying other products and being skeptical about Audimute, he found the 15 sheet absorption set went above and beyond his expectations with a 75% noise reduction. The review follows:

"Just wanted to report back on my satisfaction with the Audimute sheets. I had read many different comments and opinions about the validity of your product. There was a lot of negativity along with what seemed to be facts on why the product would not work as claimed. However I decided to give it a try. The idea of totally stripping my room and adding another layer of sheet rock, etc. was something I couldn’t afford and did not have time for.

"I have a small 9’ x 13’ room downstairs in my home that it is separated from the living room by one wall with drywall on each side, and the front faces the dining room where the doorway is. The other two walls are exterior facing walls. The second floor directly above is our master bedroom. I had always had problems when playing my drums as I had to play extremely ‘quite” or else the family could not enjoy the living room and the tv, or the dining room. This created problems with me as I am in a band and when not rehearsing at our usual spot, playing softly impacted my stamina for live shows. Working a regular “real” job meant that often the only time I had to practice was evening hours.

"I purchased the 15-sheet set of Audimute sheets. The wall that was opposite the living room was doubled, and even tripled in one spot. The other walls were single-layered. For the doorway I installed three screw hooks so that I could hang a double layer of sheets when I was in the room, and remove them when I was done. This faces the dining room, and there is another bedroom beyond that.

"With out a doubt the sheets made a major difference! I honestly did not expect them to work that well. I was skeptical to say the least. The bottom-end bass noise is muffled a great deal, but the loud, high-end “noise” of cymbals which was the main complaint is just about totally eliminated. My Wife can sit in the living room and watch television with out any complaints AND I am hitting and playing HARD! With a double layer on the exterior walls that are now only single-layer, I am confident it will be close to 75% noise reduction.

"This was by far the most cost-efficient solution to noise reduction that I have found. The product is no joke, it works just as you say it does. And I NEVER write feel-good product endorsements." -- J.C.

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